Error Code 131 and 83


after starting an uploaded print or an already successful print from the Printers storage, the Printer initialized.
But with the message “filling …” an error occurs.

What do 131 or 83 mean? some times 131, sometimes 83…

the cartridge printed since yesterday, i got the Printer 5 days ago. prints were successful since yesterday but now it can not start.
I checked if the resin Comes out of the Valve, it does if i press / squeeze the rubber with fingers, the vent cap is open.
I checked the floater, i released it and snapped it back in, everything ok.
i restarted the Printer.
I switched the Printer off completely.
I uploaded the Firmware to the newest.

Nothing helped.

What else can I do?

I cannot start the factory reset, because i do not know how to do it.

Thanks for your help.


same problem error code 131 High Temp V02 on form3 printers - failure during initialization

We have used our Form3 for about a week, now receiving the 131 error. Would highly appreciate if support team could reply here soon.

Our printer was out of level. After re-levelling, the printer starts as normal.

For support crew:
Suggests that out-of-level message appears directly on main screen if off-levelling occurs. “Code 131” is a little too obscure… BTW: 131 message appears after step “Filling Tank”, before step “Preparing tank”

Hey there! @vargan and @AFI So the support team typically doesn’t do work on the forums directly. It makes it difficult for us to track issues, and there might be a lot of back and forth that doesn’t need to happen here.

I’d highly recommend getting in touch with them here and they’d be more than happy to lend a hand. :slight_smile:

I got Error 131 on a critical print on Saturday morning. I found no definition of “Error 131” on any Formlabs site and I think I searched them all. So, to help out the next guy who gets Error “131” this is the response I got from Formlabs after I lost 3 Days waiting, it is now Tuesday and I’ve got angry customers waiting for prints. Would be really nice if we could just search error codes ourselves!

Below is what they said, and it worked. YMMV…

Error 131 is related to the levelsense board. There are a couple steps that I would like to have you start with.

Recalibrate the LevelSense board:
    Tap the wrench icon on the printer’s touchscreen. The Settings screen appears.
    Tap Maintenance. The Maintenance screen appears.
    Tap Resin Level Calibration.
    Follow the on-screen instructions:
        Tap Next to start the calibration process.
        Remove the resin tank from the printer (if one is inserted) and tap Next.
        Close the printer cover and tap Calibrate.
        Once the calibration process is complete, tap Done.

Reflash your firmware via PreForm:
Download the firmware file and save it where it can be easily found. (Please choose the latest version even if it is what you are already running)
Connect the printer to the computer via USB or wire the printer to an Ethernet network.
Open PreForm.
Click the < button. The Job Info menu opens.
Click the printer name. The Job Setup dialog box opens.
Click the Select Printer arrow. The Printer List window opens.
Click on the name of a printer you wish to select. The Printer Details window opens.
Click Update in the upper-right corner of the Printer Details window. The Firmware Update window opens.
If you receive the Error checking for firmware updates notification, click Select File.
Select the recently downloaded firmware file and click Open.
Tap Continue on the printer's touchscreen to finish the installation.
If you are not prompted to Continue, you must continue the firmware update manually: Tap Settings > System > Firmware Update.
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