Error Code 137

Hey there.

Our Form 3 suddenly stopped printing with error code 137.
The scraper scrapes very near to the build platform before layer one. Maybe even touches it… The some time later it reainitializes with error 137.

Somebody knows what it means?

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Same error. Same question. Doesn’t seem to be any answer from anyone. Contacting FormLabs support now.

Hi everyone!

Error code 137 is related to an issue tensioning the film on your printer’s resin tank. To get this issue resolved as quickly as possible, be sure to reach out to our support team! They’ll be more than happy to investigate your situation more closely and get you back to printing successfully.

Same problem here. Tech support told me I need a new printer.

Hi @lightningboy,

Thank you for reaching out. Since the tensioner is not a user-replaceable part on Form 3/3+ printers, a printer replacement may be necessary if the error can’t be resolved through other means.

Isn’t there an option for sending the printer to an authorised repair center?
It’s like having to replace your car because there is a problem with your fuel tank, a non-user replaceable part. Same with a TV or with a fridge. It doesn’t make sense, you know?

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Hi @agiorgitis,

Yes, I hear where you are coming from. For our workflow, printers are indeed sent to a refurb facility to be repaired. Rather than waiting for the repair process to be complete, we tend to send out replacement printers in such cases to minimize downtime for affected users.

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