Error code 148?

Hi everyone, I got this problem since install new tank with black resin and don’t know how to fix it. I have tried to reboot, factory reset, updated firmware, changed to the old tank … and it’s still not going away. Can anyone help me with this?



I’m having the same problem, I believe it should be a problem with software. I’ll reinstall the software, if it works, I’ll tell you.

Hi…do you fix the problem? I`m having the same problem.


Having the same error here. Formlab support is now looking in to it.
My guess is that the motor or motor control unit is broken. Will see…


I had to try and reseat some cable’s.
The tensioner motor cable and the interlock sensor cable.
In my case this did not helped. The motor recieves power but makes no noice and does not move.
So probably a faulty motor or motor driver. Printer is in for repair by formlabs.

I’m having the same error code for tensioner release and error 148 when trying to print. I was also instructed to reseat a cable, and it didn’t help. Were they able to fix this problem for you? What component had failed?

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Indeed, they will ask to reseat the motor cable on the back and one under the printbed i believe.
But nothing helped. Printer was send back for repair and as far as i heard the motor has been replaced. Printer works again now. I have to say that this was probably the most expensive engine replacement in ages. (799€)

I had the same problem last year. It required a replacement motor as well.


I sent the printer back on an RMA. I did notice that the ribbon cable that is attached to the LPU has a new retention piece on it. wondering if that has anything to do with the issue I was having. Anyways, received the printer and we’re back up and running.

Same problem for me unfortunately and it looks like I will have to shell out £799 to fix it, surely Formlabs could offer a cheaper option so that at least we can try to do a DIY fix.

Hey Guys, I got the exact same issue with my Form 3.
What I did was open up the printer to access the tensioner mechanism, took everything apart and looked for any broken/ misaligned pieces, then put it back together properly and cleaned up all the necessary plugs (sensor & motor).
What WORKED was moving the rack gear towards the front of the printer, which re-aligned the gear mechanism allowing it to mesh properly again.
This worked perfect for me and got everything back to how it should be.
I hope this helps you guys too, try this before paying the USD$1300 for repair.

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Actually, the reason why this error occurs, is because of the gear meshing.
Since the gears in this mechanism are under high stress, the teeth get worn out quicker, leaving bits of metal in between the meshing.
The proper solution is to clean all the teeth (gear and rack), and lubricate it properly to maximize its life.

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Can you post a photo of the gear you’re referring to?

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That sounds nice, could you elaborate a bit more on what you did? I’m not sure I can follow your explanation.

Its hard to show pictures since everything is tucked in, but in the area shown in the picture below (link), is where the tensioner mechanism is seated.

It consists of two abs plastic components that are under tension via 2 ~4 inch springs. On of those plastic components has a brass rack gear imbedded in it that connects with the pinion (spur gear) of the tensioner motor.

The motor, along with its connecting gear mechanism is underneath those abs plastic components. The motor is in the corner of the printer near the dispenser mechanism.

  1. take off the bottom panel
  2. take of the side panels
  3. remove the screen
  4. remove the plastic cover, which cover the area around the tank (2 clips on each side)
  5. remove tensioner top plate, should be a black metal plate with about 7 screws i think
  6. access the tensioner mechanism and remove it carefully, putting it back together will require a certain level of basic mechanism understanding. Try taking a video of original assembly for your future reference of putting it back together.
  7. clean up the brass gear mechanism thoroughly, then lubricate it well.
  8. put it all back together :slight_smile:

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Please feel free to tag me if you have any other questions as I understand how frustrating this problem and its “cost” is.

Thanks for the explanation. Unfortunately it didn’t help for me. My tensioner is :skull_and_crossbones:

Hi @AllOnScale,

I’m sorry to hear that your tensioner isn’t working; I would advise reaching out to Support if you haven’t already to see if we can get you a replacement.

Already done. Great 2 week turnaround time and its working again.

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Glad to hear it; thanks for the update!