Form 3 Error 148 Tension Unit defect (strange motor sound)

I have an issue with my Form 3 printer, which aborts prints (step 2/5 Preparing).
I recognize a strange sound during startup, when the tension unit presses the tank upwards.
It sounds, as there is not enough power or the gear is going to die…)
I have recorded the sound, maybe you have some hints what to do and what repair costs are waiting for me.
Youtube Video

Thanks for any help

Hi @littleprint,

That sound does seem unusual. Since you mentioned the error appears during preprint, just to cover all bases, please make sure that the printer’s firmware is up to date, and also try starting a print using a different resin tank if you have a spare available. If the same issue persists, please get in touch with our Support Team for further assistance.

Hi all
Meanwhile, I have tried to do a “Reseating the tensioner motor cable” what helped me. At least, the print starts again :slight_smile:

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