Form 3 error codes

Does anyone know what code 147 means?

It came up when a print failed to start.

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I’m also getting this error on the thing I’m currently trying to print. I’ve never gotten it before, and I’ve had a couple successful prints earlier today. A quick google doesn’t show anything. Seems like quite a coincidence I’d find this here. Seems like it might be a server problem, kinda scary that a server problem could disable the printer like this if that’s what it is.

I found out what the problem was in the end.

There was a piece of cured resin debris in the tank hidden behind the mixing bar. Clearing that didn’t help. However there was also a small thin (1 layer thick?) patch of cured rein stuck to the build plate. Once that was cleared the printer started without that error.

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I woke up this morning and after reading this I checked my build plate and didn’t see any problems with it, but clean it off anyway, then I used the tray cleaning tool to scrape off the tray and inspect behind the wiper. Again I didn’t feel or see any problems. Then I started the print again and just after it finished the first layer I got the same error again. I’ll contact support.

Please let us know what they tell you.
Every time someone reports an error code, and contacts support, there’s never an update on the forum, and we never find out what it meant.

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Just had a reply from support at my supplier:

I have contacted Formlabs about this and they have advised that if this does happen in the future that you reboot the printer as this will fix this issue.

It is because an actuator did not engage properly.

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So, basically another motor jam / timing error.

Yup, I’m a bit embarrassed it didn’t occur to me to reboot the thing. That is the advice support gave me. I did that now and tried my print again and it seems to be working. It made it past the 1st layer which it didn’t before.

Got error 147 - swapped tanks - still got error 147 - Powered down, then retried = error gone.

I think I would always check the tank for debris before restarting the printer after one of these errors.

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