Print starts, Printer restarts

Hi all,

I just setup my form 2 with everything today. I leveled it, hooked it all up, updated the firmware to 1.5, and uploaded a job via preform. When the printer head drops into the tank, it pauses after submerging, then the whole printer restarts/reboots, and the job is still in there as “cancelled”.

I’ve tried multiple jobs, and it’s happened with all of them.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Edit: using clear 2 resin in a brand new tank, 100 micron settings. Tested different power outlets too to see if the ups was killing it or anything. Same issue.

I’m sorry to hear.
Have a look at this discussion:

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Oh no!

Sounds almost exactly like the issue I’m having, I’m just not getting any error code. I will try the downgrade Upgrade solution tomorrow… Really hope there’s a solution to this ongoing issue soon.

I’ll update with my status then

My printer was returned to FormLabs a week ago. But it’s on the way back allready! (to Germany)

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I downgraded to 1.3, and after sending a job, got “Error” “Failed to start print”. This happened with both form lab firmware and software, even after reupdating to 1.5.7. This is really frustrating, Since there’s no error code and I hoped it’d work out of the box. Hoping I don’t have to send it back

I recommend to open a support ticket and maybe upload “Diagnostic Information”.

Thanks for your replies Schoner :slight_smile:. I have a ticket open, but my printer is not and won’t be connected to the internet to upload diagnostics (hasn’t been added to the company network). Hoping for a response soon! :sweat:

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