My Form2 Printer will not start

I’m hoping someone can help me here. I came to work this morning and I tried to print something, but after the step where it asks to open the cartridge vent and check the build platform. It will says “Error Failed to start print.” There aren’t any error code, so I don’t exactly know what’s wrong with it. I’ve tried a factory reset, but that didn’t help.

Can you try re-uploading your .form file to see if that corrects thing for you? This can sometimes happen if the printer thinks your .form file has uploaded but it got cut-off mid way and is incomplete. It’s also worth making sure that the correct material is selected for the printer though you’ll usually get an error message if they don’t match up.

If that doesn’t fix things for you, I’ll make sure to get you in touch with a member of our support team so that we can help to troubleshoot further.

It still doesn’t seem to be working. Do you think you can leave me a contact information and I will contact you guys tomorrow morning? I’m currently busy with work.

Sure thing! You can get in touch with our support team by submitting a ticket through this page.

Thank you! Hope you have a good day.

I had the same problem, machine was almost brand new so they replaced it real fast. Check it out.

Yeah, I talked to one of there support team and they are going to send me a replacement.

Will, my experience with Form Labs support has been tops. They have been more than willing to work with me on any issues.

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