Help with Error Code 23

Hello! Need a little help. My Form2 performed really good for the first few weeks but now I’m getting Error code 23 allot. Have any of you experienced this and how do I correct it. Thanks in advance for your help.

In recent weeks I have observed many people asking about Error Code #XX. For the most part there have been no concrete replies, nor does there seem to be any real support page regarding 2 digit error codes. This page exists which honestly isn’t all that helpful.

I’d open up a ticket with Formlabs. IMHO It’s your best bet.

I have opened Service Tickets open for Error codes 23 and 25. 25 Was a communication error with the Motherboard but no definitive answer on code 23. Thanks for responding though, appreciate all reply’s.

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Im about to be really pissed off. Prints aren’t printing and when one of my prints finished I got error code 23.

by finished I mean said finished but nothing was on the build plate it doesn’t appear that the laser is even running.

it just said unknown consumable removed what the hell is going on with this thing

idk folks its working now we will see as tomorrow the real printing begins

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll certainly help to work towards a fix as to minimize your down time and if you continue noticing this, get in touch with our support team so that we can help out.

had a single item fail (out of 5)b that usually prints fine. Im going to do the reset as suggested by support ( had already sent in a ticket) and see if that fixes anything. Supplies that I ordered from FL have arrived so once I’m confident it will be reliable I will start the 50 hour job

Ultimately I want to know what error 23 is

I am also interested in knowing what this Error Code is. Frustrating that there’s nothing online. It’s obviously a known issue, it has its own designation…


As you can see I never got an answer. My issue resolved itself I guess after a reset/wipe

Hi there, it seems after having this error. One thing I’ve noticed is that the base prints up until the connectors. But the piece itself is nowhere to be found. Strange. It almost feels like a connection touch surface problem. But again, I might be alone in having this problem with that code.

Ok after having experimented on my suspicions. it seems that making the touching connectors on the model thicker solves this problem. If the error is related to connectors not holding the piece than this is your solution. I know it was for me.