Formlabs Form3B - Error Code 200

Since this morning, our Formlabs 3B is now throwing error code 200 and no one at Formlabs knows this error code.

Formlabs can’t really help me and maybe someone has the same error code on their Form3B?

In the meantime I am printing again with my Formlabs Form2 printers. These devices are real workhorses and absolutely reliable.

I don’t trust the Form3 printers anymore - unfortunately.

Many thanks in advance.

Hello @ELO1 -

I certainly understand your concern on your recent printer issue. Error 200 is a rare issue but we know what could cause it.

Since there is an open case for this, I would give our Support team time to get those steps sent to you so that we can continue assisting you.

Kind regards,

Never heard of that error code either.

I agree about the Form 2. Just cleaned my extensively and upgraded my Form 2 Laser and it our performs my 3L in print quality. The only thing I wish is that Formlabs would run a firmware update on it for the newer supports but understandable when it comes to the longevity of the printer.