Counterfeit Error

I just got a Form 3B today ordered from Formlabs and I plug it in, and after the loading screen with the Formlabs logo I get a screen saying “your printer appears to be counterfeit. contact Formlabs support.”. I have tried a couple of factory resets and nothing has worked. Does anyone know the issue? FYI I have contacted support and waiting for an answer.

Is this a joke? hahahhaha

That would be strange is Formlabs is selling counterfeits of its own products.

I imagine it’s a simple mistake and tech support can guide you through it. I haven’t heard of this issue before.

Try power recycling.

This has happened in the past: Can’t update firmware - counterfeit?!

Having the same issue here.

I just bought Form3B, but it says


Please let me know what to do