Registration process - not a good experience

New Form 3 arrived yesterday. Unboxing and assembly were easy.

Turn on printer, connect to wi-fi and make it to the screen that shows the 4 digit registration code. Problem is the code only remains on the screen for about 3 seconds and then it shows a message about the printer not being connected to the internet. Tried multiple times with this process and the code always disappears before you can actually enter it into the setup screen on the PC.

So I found a forum post that described just cancelling this process and registering through the Connectivity menu. That seemed to be working - I got a code that remained on the screen at least. Problem is this code was rejected as invalid when entered. Tried multiple times with new codes - no good always rejected.

Next I thought - ok maybe reboot the printer. So I am watching the boot progress bar and when it completes it comes up to a really fun screen that says “ERROR Your printer appears to be counterfeit. Please contact Formlabs customer support.”. Nice - I mean that is exactly what you hope to see.

Reboot the printer again and finally get the thing to register with the provided code. After registering I start a firmware update and see the printer shipped with firmware from Nov 19 which is (I expect) the reason I had to fight with the registration process. Why on earth would you ship these with highly outdated firmware???

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