Can’t update firmware - counterfeit?!

Attempting to update the firmware on my Form 3 gives me a message that it thinks the printer is counterfeit.

This is utter nonsense.

What’s the deal?


I don’t mind telling you this freaked me out. But power-cycling the printer and trying again appears to have succeeded.


Hi @nsayer! My name is Jake Misra, I lead the Quality Engineering Team here at Formlabs.

I’m bummed to see this happened to you, and is definitely not something we would expect. In the event you required additional help, I would direct you to support. However, it looks like your problem has gone away? I would love to hear that you’re up and printing today.

If the issue is resolved, would you mind DMing me your printer’s info? I would like to investigate the problem and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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@JakeMisra hello, I just bought my Form3B and it says the same.

Please let me know what to do…

Contact your seller, and Formlabs support.

For me, it was enough to power cycle the printer and attempt the upgrade again.