Form 2 bricked while trying to update firmware!

My Form 2 has been packed for about 7 months. Today, I unpacked it, and set it up to start doing some printing. I plugged it in, and everything looked fine on the surface. I installed the Tank, and Resin Cartridge, plugged it into the Ethernet port, and then installed the latest Preform. Once Preform was installed, I began to update the firmware for the printer. That’s when things went south.
I have no idea what happened, as I was not looking at the printer when the firmware was being updated, but I got an error saying something about not being able to write file… or something similar. I believe this is related to bonjour?

I power cycled the printer, that didn’t work, I’ve uninstalled the software, and reinstalled it… that didn’t work. I’m pretty much at a loss. I have filed a support ticket, but was curious if anyone else had similar issues, or had a neat trick to get the Form to come back to life so I can try and force the firmware update.

thanks in advance for any help/advice!


Have you contacted FormLabs Tech Support? That’s the first place you should go on something like this.

Have you tried connecting it to your computer via USB and doing a manual install?

Yes… that was the first thing I did.

thank you.

I have not, but will try that today. Fingers crossed!!!

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