Form2 Frozen During Firmware Update

Attempted to update my firmware on 4 of my Form2’s from RC-1.9.9-43 to 1.12.11. The printers are all frozen on “Firmware Update Installing firmware… starting Do not turn off your printer” screen. Any suggestions?

I had this happen to my printer a few months ago. I had to do a factory reset and then it updated just fine.

The fact that its doing the same thing to 4 printers however seems a bit odd. You should definitely submit a ticket as 4 experiencing the same behavior is a bit strange.

Yes I thought so too maybe too big of a jump in firmware versions or something… I put in a ticket but I haven’t heard anything back from support. Need to get this fixed :frowning: – They just said to reboot

So I rebooted and installed the firmware updates in order instead of trying to install the latest one directly. Time consuming but it worked…

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Happy printing!

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