Error 41

I’m experiencing some problems with form2, the last one is this continuous error 41.
Actually form2 is not able to print anymore, every print ends with error 41 after a few layers (30-40, it depends by the layer thickness).
Is there anyon who experienced and solved this issue?
I’d like to avoid to send the printer to the technical assistance, because I have form1+ too in their labs. Two printers and I have 0 printers to print. Very cool.

Have you already tried a factory reset? Did you try to empty the memory before uploading?

Yes, I tried factory reset but this didn’t solve the issue.
I put new tank, new cartridge etc etc etc, no way to have a complete print.
This is absolutely frustrating, when I bought form2 we had to send it to technical assistance after a month cause “motor jammed” error, then I bought form1+ and I got other problems (second repairment in 5 months) and now I’m pretty sure that also form2 will be sent for repairment for the second time.
Two over two is too much.

@csp2016 According to a post @Stephen made last year, the printer is having trouble reading the galvanometers. Check his post for troubleshooting steps and definitely contact support if you cannot get this resolved.

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Hi, thanks for your answer.
Firmware has been updated, preform too, I tried (as support suggested) to reattach galvo cables but anything changed. Actually with form1+ I’m experiencing problems since August 2016 and with form2 this is the third important problem in a few months, I’m little bit sick of this.

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Error 41 can be a bit tricky to diagnose. I’ve reached out to our support team and one of our members will be contacting you over email to help troubleshoot.

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The solution is that I have to send form2 to technical assistance too.
This means that I bought two printers (form1+ and form2) and now I don’t know how to print my stuff, slowing down my mork.
I asked for an exception about a replacement printer given all the problems I’m having with your printer (this wil be the fourth repairment for two printers) but support said me that I have to pay for pro service. You actually don’t care all the problems that your printers caused me, so I just say Thank you. That’s a good way to satisfy customers that believed in you.

Further where is support team? I’m still waiting.

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I’ve reached out to them to make sure a ticket has been assigned. One of our members will be in touch shortly.

Edit: It does sound like you’re in touch with a member of our EU support team @csp2016. If this isn’t the case, let me know.

Yes, I was already in touch with Eu support team but I’ve no answer since friday and actually it seems they didn’t understand that we bought two printers to avoid any kind of problems but now we have 0 working printers.

I have also a big problem with code 41. when i will print clear or white, the code 41 is coming. When i print grey V2 or V3 anything is ok.
Now i have two printer (Form2) and both are wrong!!! The second i bought in Januar2017 and he is in technical assistance since the beginning of February 2017!!!
So the first one, bought in April 2016 only prints in GREY!!!
Its very terrible!!!

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Ok, then something is wrong here. I’m in the same situation since june 2016.
I was able to print a couple of pieces last friday, then error 41 after few layers.
Latest problem is a terrible noise from platform, you can see it here
And no news from support since Friday morning. Worst support I’ve ever seen.

Trust me, there are more terrible noises the machine can make! :wink:
You just have a dry Z-spindle. Lubricate it and the vibrations disappear.

If it doesn’t, contact support. They might send you a new anti-backlash nut. That’s what helped me fixing this issue.

I sent several emails to support but they don’t answer me since friday morning.

We have received your ticket @csp2016 and a member of our team will be in touch shortly. Sending over the video of the Z screw noise in your ticket would be a big help. We have packets of lubricant we can send to you if it is just a dry lead screw.

Hi, I’m waiting this contact “in shortly” from a couple of days.
You can see the video here.

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