Survey - How did you resolve your "Error Code 41" problems?

My Form2 is a little over a year old now and I’ve gotten the dreaded “Error Code 41” during about a half dozen prints. When I contacted Formlabs support about this they suggested updating my firmware first to see how that goes, but then mentioned the next phase would be to crack the case open and re-seat the galvo connections. If that didn’t work they would have be reset the printer back to factory settings. I’m super hesitant to open the baffles and expose the mirror to dust so would love to avoid that at all costs if possible.

What I’m wondering is how many others out there have had this same issue and if it ever got fixed for them. If so, what was the solution that finally worked for you?


I’ve gone through the process of re-seating the galvanometer cables before, and opening up the printer to access the cables tends to be a relatively straightforward process. If it comes to that, our support team can lead you through the proper procedure which will mitigate the risk of getting dust on that main mirror.

As far as I’m aware, updating the firmware and re-seating the galvanometers are the two steps we can take prior to having the printer returned for repairs. Here’s to hoping you’re able to get this fixed quickly.

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