Any ideas on how to reseat the galvanometer cables? I'm getting Error code 41

I just recently did a firmware update and now the printing stops only after a few layers. it starts as normal then after a few minutes I get “initializing printer” on the screen then it resets and I get Error code 41. I understand I may need to reseat the galvanometer cables? Any ideas how to do this?

If your problem starts after a firmware update try rolling the firmware back to see if it fixes the issue first.

If it fixes the issue try updating the firmware manually (I don’t allow any automatic updates).

Start a support ticket regardless because it helps Formlabs document issues and the actual solution.

So I got in touch with support and they sent me a PDF on how to re-seat the galvanometer cables. Very simple procedure to do, took me about 20 mins. It involves removing 6 screws and disconnecting the cable for the control screen. Then disconnecting and reconnecting the galvanometer cables. Its all back together again and running a print and so far (fingers crossed) its working. I have to admit I didn’t think it would but happy, happy.

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Is there any chance you could send that PDF along? I’m on a deadline to print and keep receiving this error…

It tends to be safest to get in touch with our support team for troubleshooting steps. Deadlines can be a bit tricky and a member of our team will be getting in touch with you over email. Our troubleshooting steps do evolve, and getting in touch with a member of our team ensures that you have the most up-to-date documentation.

I have the same problem. Can someone send me the PDF on how to re-seat the galvanometer cables?

Hello, my printer comes back from the service and now has the error print error 41-I urgently need the PDF for troubleshooting-Can send me one?

@mdesign, I realize that you just had your printer serviced, but again Formlabs support will be the best place to get info on error 41. If you haven’t done so already, you can create the support ticket here.