Error 41 - opening up the printer

So have the Form 2 and have had 2 out of 10 prints successful. The rest all are error 41. So next stop is to open the machine up as advised by Formlans support . Anyone done this before?

Yes, I followed their instructions and though it seemed like the plugs I was directed to unplug and then plug back in again were mated well…After I followed their procedure and started the printer back up, it printed fine.

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I have just finish this problem - probably. I described it 2 weeks before but my topic was closed 16 hours ago. To remind: I have got similar situation. After 3 months of using new printer, Error 41 appeared. I followed the procedure described in Support to check/reconnect cables for galvanometer. I perfmed it. Without success. Then software was reloaded. No success. Printer was sent to service. They did similar things but more professionall - no success. (No success means that error comes again after 1-2 prints). Then system was sent again - cables for galvanometer was replaced and printer did some prints in service lab. After that, during second print (4 minutes before end - the same story. Now, supplier decided to replace the unit. I am waiting for it.

I don’t know what manufacturer thinks but if intermittent problem is coming - it means that there is something hidden what can affect future development. (Maybe grounding, maybe bad galvanometer series,…)

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Problem “fixed” by complete unit replacement.
I have new one (not working also but because of different problem). From my point of view, unit is still useless, it doesn’t print for whatever reason. but It is different story.

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