Form 2: print failed error code 41

Hello there! It’s already my second Form 2 printer (the first was replaced in 2019 because a unsolved and serious problem on the laser beam) and now, after some hours printing, I get a message about ERROR CODE 41. I already did a firmware update, but the error 41 persists. I don’t have any support on Brazil because the support here, unfortunitly, is linked to the payment a very expensive license to a company called DENTAL CREMER, that I refused to pay! Honestlly, I don´t know what to do about this problem. Can somebody help me?

If you can, contact the FL support and open a ticket:
I have the instructions they sent me when my Form 2 had an Err 41 but only in German, so I believe it won’t be much help.
Basically you have to open the printer and unplug and replug the two galvanometer-cables on the circuit board and on the galvanometers themselves. It’s not that complicated. But try to reach out to the support and let them give you detailed instructions.

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