Error 41 problem again

I have got an error 41 during printing. Again.
First time was 2 weeks ago. I perfomed recommended action (checking and reseating cables for galvanometer) but without success. Then printer was in service. They did the same but more professional, Factory settings was also reset and new firmware loaded. Since this time 4-5 print jobs was done and error appeared again.
I found some informations on this forum but they don’t clarify the situation.
What is your experience with this error?

Thanks for working with our support team to try the galvo re-seating process. If you’re still having issues with error 41, our support team is going to best suited to help out. Do you still have a ticket open?

Yes, I’ve sent proper notification to our Polish support. I suppose they will read it tomorrow morning because service is closed today. Generally support is friendly but I think this intermittent problem is difficult to solve and maybe it will take time to fix.
If I were a service manager, I will take this printer to factory for deep analyze and send the customer any other working printer (to keep the customer) because if there is something hidden in the machine it can be important for future product development. And the customer will be on our side, of course.

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