Stops build, "Re Initialiser printer" returns to start position, Error code 41

Updated to latest software and firmware.
Now shuts down after a few minutes flashes up on screen “initializing printer” then returns to start position showing Failed and error code 41.
Using formlabs Castable resin
Ran hundreds of prints no problem then broke after updates.
re installed old software got it working for a while but after firmware update nothing. Unable to re install old firmware.

Best I got was 12 layers then re initialized printer.

Ran multiple builds and no luck.

Contact support. You will most likely have to reseat the power cables for the galvanometers. It involves opening the bottom of the machine, and unplugging/plugging back in certain connectors. But again, contact support.

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yes Contacted support told to re seat galvanometers.
Did so… And it is working again

So far 3 hours into build and not a glitch.

Happy days…


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