Error 41 Issues Here Too!

I’m seeing a recent outbreak of Error 41 posts on the forum, but all existing threads have been closed. After dealing with this problem for about 6 months it looks like I will have to send my Form2 in and pay for service (aka refurb swap unit).

It started happening a couple of months before my warranty was up, but was very intermittent. I’d get a failure on about 1 out of 10 prints, usually 25-75% into the job and always showing Error 41 code. Then after my warranty expired it kept getting worse and by last December it was preventing me for successfully printing any large parts. I tried FormLabs supports recommended steps, Firmware update, factory reset, galvo cable reseat…but none of the above had any effect. They then sent me a new set of galvo cables and I swapped them out. That seemed to fix the issue for a couple of weeks and I printed several jobs including 4 large parts with zero issues. Then after the printer sat idle for a couple of weeks I attempted to print another large set of parts and got the Error 41 failure about 75% in! I the. Tried a smaller part and same thing happened.

So it looks like the period of success after the cable swap was either coincidence or that the galvo re-seating perhaps gets loose again after some time? Anyway I’m very frustrated that I have to send this sucker in and pay for the service, especially since the original Form2 I was sent had crazy bad issues (haze and streaks all over the clear optical window) and had to be replaced before I even used it once. That took several days of back and forth with FormLabs to get resolved and now the replacement unit is dying. I’m very skeptical about the quality control over there. One other thing worth noting is that when I opened the “sealed” optical chamber the first time to reseat the cables, I was surprised to find dust particles already resting on the primary mirror. I suspect they are not assembled in a truly CLEAN room.

Im also not super thrilled the replacement unit will only carry a 90 day warranty. After that I’m out another $800 if it dies again. I’m hoping my credit card’s extended warranty protection will cover the cost of the repair fee since it is supposed to double the warranty period. Fingers crossed!

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Keep us posted if your credit card warranty covers

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