Error 41 Problems Again

I have been having a problem with error 41 once again with my Form2. The printer was sent to Formlabs for repair due to the error 41 and repaired under warranty a few months ago. The error returned after approximately 40 hours of use. The printer is now out of warranty and I am now being told that it will be $800 for the repair. It appears that many people have had the same problem with their printers?

A) What is the long term fix for this problem?
B) What guaranty do I have that it won’t happen again
C) Is it ethical for Formlabs to charge me for the repair if the printer was already sent in under warranty for the same problem?

Note: I have done the cable reset and all firmware is up to date. In addition, I have sent in diagnostics to Formlabs numerous times. Unfortunately, I have not been able to talk to an engineer at Formlabs regarding diagnostics or a solution. This issue has been poorly managed by the support team.


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