Form 2 not printing

Hi all,
I’ve got a form 2 that won’t print.
We had some resin leak on the galvanometer cables. This caused the printer to display “print error 41.” After replacing the cables, all seemed to be going well, it went through the entire printing sequence without failing. However, when I went to remove the print, I found there was none. It was as if the laser was off.
Has anyone else had similar issues or knows a solution? I’ve checked many places, but no one seems to have any answers.
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You didn’t install your galvo replacement cables correctly, and/or there is resin that is preventing the cables from making full contact with their connectors, and/or you got resin on the galvos themselves in which case they’re toast, you won’t be able to clean them off well enough to make them work reliably (IMO).

The symptom you describe is what I’d expect if the laser wasn’t firing or the galvos weren’t moving.

Hi @BCengineering ,

@Randy_Cohen is right on the money with his answers; I would also check the tank film to see if there is a resin “pancake” stuck there because this could also mean that the build platform did not lower far enough into the resin tank to make contact for your part to adhere. This is something that could be adjusted within the Settings of your printer, but you would need to make sure that there was actually some cured resin in the tank before making any adjustments. Please feel free to reach out to our Support Team and send any relevant photos/videos for them to assist in troubleshooting. We hope to get you back up and printing ASAP!

Hi all,
I’ve had an experience with error 41. Yesterday 3 printers gave this error, which seemed to be triggered by colder conditions but on later inspection proved to be spilled resin on the galvo plug onto the processor. These printers were bought second-hand from people who weren’t very careful to avoid spills, and I’ve cleaned them to get them going - obviously not clean enough! One also told me to clear the obstruction to the wiper arm, but that too was resin on the motor plug. Resin seems to be only slightly conductive, so insulates connector pins which makes the circuitry read a high voltage when driving a given current into motors.
So my advice is to follow Formlabs’ instructions on reseating the galvo connector, and also carefully cleaning it with IPA if there’s been a spill. Inspect the processor for other resin leaks while you’re at it.

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