Error41 form2

I have a Form 2 printer, it was closed for CVD 19 for 1 month. But now I am going to print showing error 41. Let’s go to the platform itself. to up, support me plz some one

This is a problem with the galvo mirror cables. You need to remove them and insert them a few times.

Best to contact support and ask for the PDF instructions to solve it.

thank u how to contact give me any link

Hi @khushi786,

I’m so sorry that you ran into this issue! This error code is displayed when the printer detects an unusual power draw from the galvanometers. This is a safety measure that prevents damage to the printer if the galvanometers behave unexpectedly.

This behavior may be caused by a loose connection with the galvanometer cables inside the printer. For the best way to go about fixing this issue, be sure to contact our support team. They’ll be able to provide you with a PDF of instructions for how to resolve this problem!

We swapped cables from the galvo mirrors (red and black ones) from our old form 2 and the error has been gone