Form 2 Frozen 51 minutes to go (out of 15 hours) - Is my print lost?

I gather from what I’ve read here, that I need to power cycle my printer. Is it possible to start back where I left off, once I’ve cycled the power, checked firmware, etc.?


Unfortunately this seems to happen from time to time. Once you power cycle the printer unfortunately no you cannot continue the print. I once had a 20 hour print stop with about 10 minutes left. But do submit the Diagnostics to formlabs and open a ticket. They were able to confirm in my case it was a bug which will be fixed soon.

I just had the same thing happen - woke up to a frozen print and no buttons lid lift, caused any response. Cycled power and the printer, to its credit, asked me if this was normal. Not being able to input the reply “Um, have you MET me?”, I just started over and have been OK since. My philosophy is that once is a hiccup, twice is a flaw.

Double check that you have the latest firmware and preform. This was a known problem before and I think was fixed in the latest versions.

Hey Fred - I did just that last night. Very bush league of me to have not done so beforehand. The automatic update would do nothing upon being clicked and I guess I was too eager/dumb to download it and manually install, and went ahead with my print. Murphy’s law that it waited until the last 54 minutes, to poop the bed.

The old bug was really strange. I only had one print freeze and luckily a small one. I remember that a few other’s saw the issue regularly.

I’ve had it happen to me 3 times now. The last time it happened was April 10th. Support acknowledged it was a software bug that would be fixed soon. I’m not sure if that bug fix made it into the last firmware update.

Just happened to me as well.
Latest firmware and preform. Stopped 10hours into a 12hour print.
Uploaded the diagnostics and raised a ticket. Nothing back yet.

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