Printer (Form 3) not turning on


Today I find out that my printer not turning on (Form 3).
Just black screen. Even the logo “Formlabs” has no light under.

What that can be? The printer is always connected to the UPS.

Hello @andrii_bakulin ,

I am sorry to hear that your printer isn’t powering on! A couple of steps I will recommend below, but I believe that reaching out to our Support Team is the best bet to ensure that we are getting all of the appropriate information and guiding you accordingly.

  1. Unplug and reconnect the power cable to the back of the printer
  2. Try a second power outlet, ideally one not connected to the UPS

If the printer still does not power up, please do create a ticket for the best next-steps to try. Any time that you have a time-sensitive issue, it is best to contact our Support Team directly for a faster response, although the forums can definitely provide some helpful information as well. Best of luck!

I’m actually living a nightmare with Formlabs at this moment. To me the same happened what you describe so I find my printer with black screen. I tried together with technical support all the steps to reset the software. No luck so I had to bring it in. Comes out that the motherboard has died after just over two years so just out of warranty. They want me to charge 1320 euros to get it repaired! I’m shocked and extremely dissapointed in the product to fail after such a short period and the company to give me this solution!

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We have the same issue with our 2 year old printer too. It stopped mid print. Some lights on the motherboard still turn on indicating 5V or 24V in some places. Contacting support now, will update with how things go.

I’m happy to replace for a new printer. But I’m living quite far away from the main office so that’s a challenge for me :frowning: But I still want the new one because compared with other printers FormLabs is really good (in many aspects)!