Form 2 dead after first print

Started up my new Form 2 this morning for the first time. Loaded a job across and after 6 hours it printed a perfect part.
We were having major T-Storms move through the area and experience power outages. So as not to cause issues with the machine I attempted to shut it off but it didn’t so I figured maybe the unit was on all the time it’s plugged in. So I unplugged it.
We returned two hours later and I took the job out of the machine, replaced the build plate and re plugged the printer back in… NOTHING. Thinking it might require the computer connection to be live I turned my computer on. Still nothing. Re-positioned the plug on the power strip, which is active as a desk light is on it, and still nothing. Pressed the front panel button a few time and still nothing.
I need help on this as I have work to print.

Unplugging the printer without putting it to sleep first shouldn’t be a problem. Have you opened a support ticket?

Yes, I’ve opened a support ticket.
I got it down to the point of it having finished the Initialization so figured that was an OK place to shut it off. But the front panel button didn’t shut it down so I pulled the plug. I’ve read on here where people have had power outages in the middle of prints and no one complained about any issues on power.
Just bugs me that the first print came out perfect and now I may end up having to ship it back most likely at my expense both ways.

I have the same problem, any idea how to fix it?

I have several jobs pending and I can not print …

You will need to open a service ticket. With mine they sent me instructions to take the cover off and do some tests. Turns out I got a red LED on the main controller board which means it’s dead. They sent me a FedEx lable to send it back. Don’t do this on your own as it could void your warranty.

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