Well, I broke it, sort of I guess

Going to have to ship my NEW Form 2 back to the factory seems it broke.

I ran the first job with no issues. Took 6 hours and the finished piece was great. Then there were heavy T-Storms moving through the area so I got the unit set to what I felt was the minimum level, initialization complete and I pulled the plug as there seems to be no off switch on the Form 2.

2 hours later I plugged it back in and NOTHING. Not a whimper, not a sound at all. No LCD board lights, nada. Tried refitting the plug, moved it around on the power strip which is good and still nothing. Contacted FormLabs Support through a Support Ticket and with their help I took apart the unit and did some testing. Found that, what appears to be the main controller to the LCD panel, was showing a red LED not a green one as it should when power was applied. So back to the factory for a replacement unit.

Still happy all the way around with the Form 2. It takes a bit of getting use to compared to the Form 1+ but I can see a lot of improvements especially under the hood. Just anxious to get a working machine back. I like this unit and would rather have it but they will send a new one I’m told.

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I highly suggest you always use surge protection with these machines and I would also suggest getting a battery backup. A 100$ battery backup can run the printer for 2-4 hours if the power goes out and can save an entire print job. Best of luck!

FormLabs lived up to their word. I shipped the problem printer out Friday and Saturday morning the new printer was delivered. Had it up and running in less than an hour. Long job and won’t be done until 9 this evening.

Yes, good idea on the battery backup. Most of those come with a good surge protection built in. I’ll have to take a ride over to Fry Electronics and see if they have anything on sale.

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