Printer is not available

Hi all,

We’ve been donater a Formlabs 1+ and I’m just tyring to get it working for the first time with preform 2.18.0.

The software detects the printer OK but when it comes to printing time it says it’s not avaible to print

I tried seeing if I could update firmware but two strange things happen. The dialogue box for this just exits (before it seems to have checked for a version or started the process, though I’m not sure what it should look like)
The screen on the printer goes blank and you need to pull the power cable.

New to all this so any suggestions very welcome and thanks for looking,

Try a different usb port, I use usb 2.0 for hooking the printer to. Not sure if it really matters but some devices don’t like 3.0. If that doesn’t work I’m not sure if you can get support since FL discontinued support for the F1+ machines and discontinued supplies.

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