Error when trying to use the Form 1+ with PreForm 3.0.0

I’m getting this error when attempting to connect my Form 1+ on OSX to PreForm 3.0.0:


“Unavailable Printer Detected”

"A FormLabs printer was detected, but is currently in use by another instance of PreForm and cannot be connected to.

To connect, please make sure there are no other copies of PreForm running, then restart PreForm or disconnect and reconnect your printer."

I have done as asked — the printer was fully power cycled, and I rebooted the computer to make sure no other copies of PreForm were still running.

From the release notes:

PreForm 2.20.0 — March 12, 2019
Note: Last supported Form 1/1+ PreForm version.

The printer is not supported in 3.0

BTW if you have both printers, you can run the old and new version side-by-side: PreForm 3.0 drops Form 1+

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