What is the melting temperature of the formlabs resin?

I’m working on printing a new extruder head for my Ultimaker 2 that offers better head cooling. I would like to print with my Form 1 but couldn’t find the melting temp of the resin since the head heats up to 260 C when printing ABS.

Thanks in advance!

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The resin doesn’t really melt, it scorches. Somewhere around 350°F if I recall. But the properties go to hell before that. Your only hope is castable resin. Ask a jeweler to cast your design in silver or some metal.

To add to the above - resin also tends to crack when heated (and especially when heated and cooled repeatedly). It’s also a very poor match for mechanical parts like an extruder.

In short - i wouldn’t suggest printing an extruder from a methacrylate resin.

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the info. This is for the fan holder shroud around the extruder head to push more directional airflow towards the newly extruded material after it gets laid down.

While it won’t directly touch the extruder head it comes very close and was worried that the resin can’t handle the temps.

Thanks again!

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It should handle it just fine as long it’s not touching the extruded. You never know until you try.

Ah, I thought it was the head/nozzle. Still I wouldn’t leave it alone in case things fall apart and keep heating.

Let us know, becase I ave been thinking to dissimilar things to make complex ventilation shafts for me FDM printers

If you make the part in the blue castable resin, I can probably cast it into bronze .
Daniel G.

I’m going to put several layers of Kapton tape on it around the nozzle hole and give it a go. Will let you know how it holds up. Would be interesting to have it in bronze! :slight_smile:

A bronze piece sounds cool!

I printed a replace fan air guide for my replicator 2 on my Form printer. It serves the same function as what you are working on. Bottom line is it is holding up just fine.