Resin Print Temp/ Room Temp?

I just purchased a used Form 1+ printer and was reading up on getting better print results. I am having issues with the print base not sticking to the print bed, but sticking to the bottom of the resin tray. Aside from adjusting the height of the bed, I read somewhere on the forum that a good print temp for the resin was 33°, how do people heat the resin up? Or is there a good room temperature to work at? I’ve cleaned the mirror with the solution Formlabs advertised with PEC pads, and checked the bottom of the tray for debris and fingerprints, so I’m good there. Any advice or best practices is appreciated!

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For anyone wondering about a resolution to this post I found the following thread and purchased the heated fan and then 3d printed the clip with my FDM printer:

Here’s a good video on fine tuning the form 1+:

Here’s some good equipment:

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