Form1+ Build plate adhesion -- SUCCESS!

Over the past two years I have had problems with different resins not adhering to the build plate. Finally I had a breakthrough.

First I do all my printing in a conditioned room usually between 69-74 degrees Fahrenheit. Upon reading all the other troubles with build plate adhesion here it seemed that different ways of warming the resin worked for many prints.

Before running a print I first tried warming the bottled resin in hot water. This worked however if I wanted to do more prints I had to dump the tank put it back in the bottle and re-insert into hot water. This was just too much work so I tried heating up just the build plate.

I was first just going to use a heat gun, but this might melt or soften the plastic housing. I ended up bringing a pot filled with 3 inches of water to a boil. I turned off the heat and I put the build plate into a ziplock bag and floated it (build plate down) in the heated water for about a minute.

The build plate got nice and warm – approaching hot. I snapped the build plate back on the printer and ran a test of 12, 2mm quarter-sized discs equally spaced in preform, Every disc adhered to the platform!

Now after finishing a print, I wipe the build plate clean, put it in a plastic bag, float for 30-45 seconds in hot water (160-180 deg), and just replace the build plate.

Hey dude, try this instead:

Seems like much less of a hassle then having to constantly put your vat in boiling water.

Ok, i’ll give this a shot. Could you give an estimate how quickly will this bring up the chamber from 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit?

I’ll be able to tell you later; I just received the IncuKit™ MINI in the mail today. I’ll be trying it out tonight.

After a bit of research, turning my F1+ into an incubator/wind tunnel is not a good idea. This method does not actively heat the resin. Also the fan would contribute to more dust particles moving around the optics and add the possibility of blowing resin inside the chamber. Sorry, I am not sold on this method.

I like the idea of placing a heating element inside the vat, but having to deal with that every time I need to empty the tank is also nothing I want to work with.

Heating up the build plate and running the print is working perfectly.

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