Waves / lines marks

Hello everybody.
My prints are showing lines/waves on the surface, which are often difficult to remove in the casting. Is there any way to reduce these marks and make the resin piece smoother on the surface?

Can you show us some images of what your dealing with?

Yes, a picture follows. This ring is 3cm tall.

That’s “aliasing”. You need to print with a lower layer setting.

Also, positioning the model differently on the build plate might help. It looks like you’ve got the model standing straight up, at 90º to the build plate. Open PreForm and post a screen grab of how the model is positioned and supported.

Like Randy said position the model angled at least at 45 degress from the build plate and use a lower layer setting.

This red resin (which I use for molds) accepts up to 0.30mm of layer. AA is at 4X. I did another test with the pieces in different positions, but I don’t think that much has changed.

If you’re printing with a 0.3 layer height, that is definitely part of your problem. Try printing at 0.05 layer height. It will take a lot longer to print, but the “aliasing” you see in the original picture you posted will be significantly reduced.

Not sure what “AA is at 4x” means.

Sorry, I meant 0.030mm. The “AA” is the Anti Aliasing, which is set to 4X.

Are you using Preform? I don’t remember an Anti Aliasing setting anywhere. Been a while since I used my old Form1+, though.