Layer Lines on every print


i have problems with layer lines on all my prints. These occur on every resin i used so far (high temp, tough and grey pro). What causes these layer lines?

Thank you !

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What resolution are you printing at?

What machine are you using?

I am using the Form 3.

These prints were at 50 mu layer height.
Surprisingly the layer lines are only visible on the y direction (facing the front and back of the machine) and not on sides of the x-axis.

You need some supports for stability, the bigger piece also you need to tilt up a bit so that it starts printing from one corner.

I always print my parts with flat surfaces at an angle from the platform and I found it almost completely eliminates the layer lines. (even at 100um, layer lines are much less obvious than on surfaces parallell or perpendicular to the platform) ,(ends up with Matte and isotropic finish).