What causes layer lines on Form3 prints

What are the possible causes of visible layer lines on prints from a Form3?

I’ve been having trouble with them and I think I’ve done everything possible, but might be missing something so would appreciate any ideas you may have.

I’m using a 7 month old machine with Grey resin, 25 and 50um layers printing mostly miniature animals so more organic shaped items. My reseller (UK so can’t deal direct) keeps telling me it’s my files but the issues are so inconsisent and most my prints are unique, I can’t see any way to change my files to improve matters. I’ve printed almost every day since getting the machine, so it’s not left unused much but after the first shut down of two weeks every print that comes out is now heavily lined.

I don’t use the first 4cm of the build plate on the non-mixer side, prints tend to fail or have terrible lines when I do, but now I’m getting lined models so randomly I’m at a loss as to how to fix the problem.

Photos show the best and the worst I’ve had recently. I’m not sure I’m that thrilled with the best I’ve got, but it’s good enough (just) for my purposes and I can clean away most printing artifacts, but the worst coming out are fit for nothing but the bin, I wouldn’t ruin my reputation sending these out, so the issues I’m having are proving quite expensive!

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You can still deal with directly Formlabs Support, if you can’t get your reseller to get to the bottom of your problems.

Thanks Bill, I didn’t know this, as my contract is with the reseller I thought I had to deal with them only. More bad prints this morning so I’m running off the butterfly test file as I know that’ll be the first thing they tell me to do. I’m starting to feel like this is the LPU, but I guess that isn’t readily offered so I’ll need to jump through a few hoops again to get it sorted.

I did find this today - coincidentally my last print had two identical models in it, ie from the exact same file data, and I have different results on each, the problem is on one wing of each model, but the left on one and the right on the other (pic shows the “good” print vs the lined one), so it does appear to be more a case of just anything on the non-mixer side come out lined regardless of anything else, but these models are too big to keep to just the mixer side so I’m in trouble if I can’t sort this out ASAP.

You can absolutely interact directly with our support team with no issues! The only time it may be tricky is if we need to send replacement parts or anything like that, but our team is very comfortable contacting resellers to get that taken care of as efficiently as we can.

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