Bad prints on form3

Hi Guys looking for help and advice her, small business in which we currently have two form2, we have just taken delivery of a form 3 , and are having a second delivered direct from formlab any day.
At first an item i print i just swapped machine on preform to send it to the new form 3, i dint realize i had to remove the supports and re install, so obviously wasn’t impressed by the print.
i then re bought the drawing in direct from stl, set up auto orientation and how i would normally set orientation, added supports which i normally have at 0.20 or 0.25 as its only thin areas to touch too , this item prints perfectly on the form 2, but the prints so far are rubbish, with grooved lines, distortion in its shape as it is a rectangle box, my worry not only this not working but a second on the way, which is a part ex,

i print in 0.025 on all prints i make, ive even tried this at 0.1 and still failure

i am now printing three versions , preform set up , my set up and a version flat on raft, this preform drawing and diagnostics ill be sending to the supplier, and formlab

i’ve had 4 months of issues with form 2 and this was meant to be a solution to the wide banding and issues of hours of failed prints. at the moment i think they will be going back and walk away from formlab

if anyone has had similar issues or any ideas please could you let me know


Hi, your issue is being discussed in the latest review…