Terrible print quality on Form 3 (Layer Lines)


Hello all,
Our company is a longtime user of Form 2 printers, probably averaging one print a night for the past 2 years. I’ve gotten “used to” the frequent maintenance needed on the Form 2 - regular window cleaning, mirror cleaning, galvo cleaning, terrible dust management, and a few returns for new laser diodes. Not great, but at least we get great quality from them when they’re working properly.

Well, we received our long-awaited Form 3 yesterday and the first two prints are REALLY disappointing. See attached photos. The layer lines on the Form 3 are downright awful. I’m currently waiting on a response from Support to diagnose this issue. Has anyone else encountered layer lines like this on their new Form 3? I can’t be the only one who received a printer with this issue right out of the box.

I’ve read through the resolution / overcuring problems on other threads. I can also verify that the print time on Form 3 is 30-50% longer than Form 2 with current settings. Simply put, this Form 3 release is deplorable. As an engineer at a product company myself, there’s simply no excuse to release a product in this state. It seems like it’s an acknowledged issue that the Form 3 is sub-par in nearly every way to the Form 2 right now - less resin compatibility, worse print quality, and longer printing time. How anyone at Formlabs deemed this product OK for release is simply astounding to me. This is no way to handle a new product release, and no way to handle customer communication for a new product release. If I can’t get a quick solution to this, I’ll be expecting to send both of my Form 3’s in for a refund.

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The only thing that I can think of is that at one point I had three out of the four feet firmly planted, so there was wobble, but even then the distortions weren’t anywhere like what you saw, though I’ve only printed at 0.025mm resolution, so that might have something to do with it. You’re printing at something bigger, I presume.

As for the launching of the product, I think they must have gotten to the point where they realized if they didn’t get it out the door, they were going to face a critical number of cancellations. I know I was close to canceling.


These are very bad. My form 3 prints are much better than that.
Time to call support.


I am having some issues but that is really bad. I am positive support can help you get that much better.


Formlabs support is swapping this one out for a new Form 3. I’ll report back here once I’ve tried the new one out!


Hi all,
I tried out a second Form 3 printer that we received, and it prints beautifully. It looks like the first one I got really was a lemon, but was handled swiftly by Support.


I told you support would get you straightened out.


Very good, I have my new form 3 now for about two weeks. It has printjobs every “nightshift” and the printresults are absolutely stunning!