Clear layer lines showing - Grey v4 @ 0.10 mm layer height


I have been seeing consistent layer lines in my prints using grey v4 resin. My model is adequately supported. I did reduce the touch point size in some areas for easier removal.

Axis2_Pulley.form (740.5 KB)

Link to images of printed parts: 20200624_204253.jpg - Google Drive, 20200624_204243.jpg - Google Drive, 20200624_204335.jpg - Google Drive

How do i solve this?

These layer lines don’t actually look that bad. You can try orienting the model more parallel to the build surface but you will still need to do some sanding to get it completely smooth. If that is what you are trying to achieve. I would start wet sanding, with mineral oil, with almost no pressure at 400 grit and work up to 800. it should not take more than a couple of minutes. They should be all the way gone and the surface should be like glass.
If you have a lot of post-processing room, you can coat the surface in a thin layer of resin and then cure it in just the UV light in the cure machine. Then wet sand.

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But you can see clear defects in the third picture of my orignal post and in the following pictures:,

Looks like there are internal cracks and the whole print seemed to be bowed upwards. Isn’t this a major defect?

So in the first image what are you stating is a clear defect, the red or the blue.

In the second image, yes this is definitely a problem.

This is on a form 2 right?

Yes, these are in Form 2.

I am wondering if these are caused as a result of inadequate support (lower support denisty and smaller touchpoint sizes). That would also explain the warping in the first picture.

Also, i have started to observe loss of detail or blurry lines (as you have highlighted in blue). What’s causing that?

The best thing to solve most of these is to really clean your optical surfaces. Galvos, main mirrior and the optical window (both sides). The highlighted blue area looks like your resin may have particulates from previous prints floating in it. Though this could also be caused by optical contamination.

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Agreed with Jmorris, this appears to be an optical issue. That being said, I would highly recommend getting in touch with our support team and they’d be happy to take a look at these results in order to offer some advice! They can be reached here.