UPDATED: Firmware Update Not Starting, PreForm 3.26.0

UPDATE: I reinstalled 3.26.0. Instead of using the Firmware update from the software prompt I went through the printer update first. This seems to have corrected my issue. I’ll leave my problem up for anyone else that may have this happen.

I updated to PreForm 3.26.0 today. When I try to download my print file to the printer, I get an error, “Unable to Print”, and the selection option to “Start Update”. When I do that, PreForm locks up and my printer never gets the Firmware update. I’ve rebooted both my computer and the printer and this is still happening. When I look at Task Manager, PreForm is inactive.

Any Ideas how to fix this? Is there a way to re-install the older PreForm version?


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I’m confused can you elaborate on the order of operations? please

Similar issue. Every time I go to print, it says there is an update to 3.26.0 so I download the update, preform quits and computer restarts.
I open up preform after the restart and its still in version 3.19.1
Have tried updating to 3.26.0 multiple times now. Same thing happens. Still in old version

I had the same problem so I uninstalled PreForm and then downloaded it from the PreForm page at Formlabs. Reinstalled it. Then I clicked on “File”, then “Devices” and a Device List pops up. Click on the printer you wish to update (if you have more than one) and the box will become Device Details. Click the “Update” button on the right side and there you go. Once downloaded, remember to go to your printer and click the install firmware button when it asks you.


Hi @illuminatedRS,

if you are still having any problems with the re-install, please reach out to our Support Team and they can walk you through the process, I hope this helps!