Form 3 stuck on "Starting Firmware Update 2/3" screen

We were having trouble sending a print to our form3 via USB. As a last resort, I decided to update firmware to the latest.
I am using PreForm 3.32. The printer was running on 1.1.9
After the firmware was loaded onto the printer, I pressed start on the screen, now the printer is stuck on the “Starting firmware update 2/3” screen. the progress circle hasn’t changed in an hour.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Additional info.
This was the error we were getting when we attempted to send a print to the printer:

Which is why I decided to update the firmware.

i had a similar issue. I had to resend the firmware in order for it to work

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Hi @mediaworks ,

I would advise opening a Support ticket so that we can better assist in troubleshooting this issue for you!