Tray will not slide into printer

I haven’t printed anything for a couple weeks and when I don’t use the printer I cover the trays with foil and store them away. Now when I finally decided to print something today now none of my trays will slide back into the form 1. The little nubs that hang down from the rails you slide the tray into seem to be in a new position. On the right side the tray will slide in as normal but the left side seems to be lower than it used to be and I can’t get the tray to slide into the rail without using a lot of force. I am wondering if there is a way to adjust their position because I do not want to jam the tray into it and break something. Has anyone else come across this problem with the rails getting out of alignment?

Ive had problems with mine getting stuck in a couple times and had to pry it out but it didnt require any adjustments

Hmm, well at this time I can’t get the tray in at all. I guess I will have to put in a support ticket.

Some pictures would be very useful (and the support team will surely ask for them). Either there are issues with your carriage returning to level, or one of the ball-plungers that keep the resin tank in-place isn’t functioning correctly. I’d put my money on that one – but hard to say without additional information.

No problem. I’ll take some pics tonight when I get home from work and post them up. Thanks for responding Sam!

As you can see from the pic, the ball-plunger is not sliding up into the cylinder. It seems to be stuck in the down position keeping the tray from being able to slide in.

Hi Richard,

Those ball spring plungers can sometimes get stuck. If resin is on the rim of the resin tank when the tank slides in and out, the resin can roll onto the ball bearing and into the cylinder. In the future, try to wipe up any resin on the top of the tank rim before you slide in the tank.

To unstick the ball spring plunger, try saturating a paper towel with IPA and wiping the bottom of the plunger. If the ball doesn’t eventually loosen up you might need to use some force to break the seal holding the ball. You can try to pry the ball loose with a flat head screwdriver. If there is a lot of resin in the cylinder, the ball might then get stuck up in the cylinder. It is ok if that happens. As long as the other ball spring plungers are working as they should, your tank will be held in place and your prints will not be affected.

I hope this helps.

Ok Adam, I’ll make sure to wipe down the ball plungers from now on when I use the machine with IPA. Hopefully I can get the ball to unstick but it’s good to know if I can’t and it gets stuck up in the cylinder after using a flat head screw driver that the other three will still keep the tray in the proper position while printing. I’ll give this a try tonight after work.