Tray Stuck in Tilted Position During Print

I started a test print of the Formlabs butterflies just before lunch. Everything seemed to be working properly. When I returned 30 minutes later, the resin tray was stuck in the tilted position. The print was still in process. I could see the light from the laser as it traced the part and could hear the motors try to run after every pass. However, the tray was not moving. I cancelled the print and the build platform reset to the top of the machine. The tray remained in the tilted position as you can see in the attached picture. At this point, I’m not sure how to free up the resin tray or reset things. Any ideas?

Maybe something came unhooked. Can you move it up and down?

It was quite stuck. I did manage to raise the resin tank back to level and remove it from the machine by turning the printer off and then on again. While the printer was turning on the motor tried to reset the tank. I had to apply some moderate pressure and try to help “lift” the tank. Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure what steps to take from here. I’ve got a support ticket in to the folks at Formlabs and am hoping they will have some good ideas of what to check.

Our support team will definitely take care of you – there’s an issue either in the peel motor or the clamp that attached the carriage to the motor. We’ve got good fixes in place for both those issues, so hopefully you should be on your way shortly.

Thanks, Sam. It appears that the peel motor is the problem. The support team has contacted me and a replacement motor is on the way. I’ll give credit where it’s due, Formlabs certainly seems to stand by their equipment. Bravo.

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Jamie, I am having the same issue. Did you manage to fix this in the end?

Edward, The problem was in fact the peel motor. Formlabs shipped a replacement motor. Installation was fairly simple and went quickly. Hope this helps.

Thanks Jamie. FL advised me to tweak the z axis, so will try this. Though I definitly think it could be a failiure in the peel motor also. Haven’t been able to get a proper print out of it so far and this could be why. Also we just opened the second form 1 and the files printed perfectly so definitly a defect in this one.

Actually I mistakenly said the build tray, not the resin tray, so ignor the z axis thing.

Jamie, how exactly did you manage to raise the resin tank? Did you pull on the plastic tank itself or the metal base underneath it? My resin tray is stuck in the exact same position.

Yep, Same problem here too. I’ve had my fair share of other issues with our printer. @Sam_Jacoby and I are on a first name basis here. Image attached. And yes, I’ve already sent this to support so they can take care of me.

Yikes. I’m sorry, @Alex_Thompson. A real string of misfortune, here. This is a Form 1+, correct? As I said above, this is probably an issue with the clevis attaching the peel motor to the carriage, or the peel motor itself.

Hi Guys!
I am having the same issue.
How can do I fix it?

Unfortunately @Salvatore_Saldano there is no DIY Fix. Contact Formlabs Support by submitting a ticket here, they will get you sorted out.