Part of the printer that tilts resin tank can no longer move up and down

It appears the part of the printer that tilts the resin tank has become unattached from the motor that drives its motion. I can see that there is a long screw bolt that looks like it moves through a motor that should be attached to the armature that the tank sits in that is no longer attached. Does anyone know if there is some way for me to fix this or should I contact Formlabs about a return or replacement?

Hello David,

Your best best is to open up a ticket through our support system, so that we can track exactly what’s going on. It is possible that the peel motor-screw can be simply re-attached, but we’ll want to walk through some specifics with you personally. If you can submit some photos along with, that’ll really help us out as well.


Oh, apologies. For whatever reason, those photos didn’t load until after I posted! Thanks!

Sorry I made the post and then figured out that photos would probably help a lot so I took them. I will head on to opening a ticket.

I am having the same issue and have also submitted a ticket!

hey David, what was the resolution to your title screw issue?  I have the same probelm.

Hello comunity, I had a problem with the tray that is spilled into the machine jai therefore removed covers and thoroughly clean all the mechanical, but I had to disassemble some tablecloths and Formlabs not Demare this, you can give me about barnchement tablecloths tablecloths and pictures of clichés lying in the rear of the machine.

vzers arm rest down and suport plate is tilted.

thank you

@ Sulov George

I (and others) missed something in the translation however if your after some photos of the inside of the Form1 to help you put your back together try here: