Resin Tank Housing Broken/Unsupported on Right Side

So I’m doing my first print right now, and I’m seeing the resin tank is “tilted” a lot more than I would have expected, and not pivoting up and down like I see in one of the videos.

(edit] After some more searching, this may be a duplicate of David Freeman’s post from July 21 (if so I apologize):

In any case, I wound up canceling the print since the supports were missing.  The steel frame that houses the resin tray now rests in a tilted position.  Here’s a YouTube video and a few more photos of the frame that houses the resin tank.  In one photo it’s resting naturally at it’s now tilted position, the next photo I’m having to hold it up with my thumb so it’s level:

I’ll open a ticket, as well.


Thank you for posting, it looks like the Peel Motor Screw has detached from the Clevis. I will be following up with you in your ticket on how to facilitate a fix.

In case anyone else has the same problem and sees this thread, here’s what Jory had me wind up doing:

The first picture is a normally attached clevis & tilt motor screw.  The second picture is what happened to mine.

(he said returning the whole thing for a replacement was an option, too, but I went ahead and applied Loctite adhesive)

It looks like the top part of my tilit motor screw is completely gone. Where can I find out more about your solution?

That’s exactly how mine looked when I first looked down in there.  If you can manage to grab the threaded rod down below the stepper motor and twist it with your fingers, you can thread the rod upwards so as to expose what I call the small “microthreads”.

and so the microthreads need to be glued inside the clevis? thanks for the info. helpful.

Jory said Superglue would work as well.  Hope it gets you going again!

I suspect this may have happened to a fair number of us.  If not, it’s something to watch out for.

Ya, Jory and I skyped with a really help Formlab technician. Really helpful to have a web camera that can show them what you’re looking at.

My issue turned out to be slightly different. First, the image I posted earlier shows the screw completely stuck in a prorated position. I had to wind the tip of it back into the motor by hand and then TURN THE MACHINE ON in order for the motor to catch hold and get the screw moving. The problem remains that the tilt motor screw is screwed into the clevis.

So, I’ve discovered there’s a metal cylinder that attaches to the Tilt Motor Screw and this metal cylinder’s threads screw into the clevis. If I understand correctly I think your issue was that the cylinder attached to the clevis and not the TMS. My printer’s TMS remained attached to the cylinder and will not screw into the clevis.

My fingers are raw from trying to get the metal cylinder/TMS to engage the clevis. Until I can get the screw close to attaching flushly to the clevis, I don’t want to use any sort of glue or threadlock to permanently attach the two.

Any thoughts?

my broken attachment

Ok yeah that is a different problem than what I had, then.  I see now in your first picture there is no metal cylinder hanging down from the clevis (like there was on one of my first pictures).

I guess I had (incorrectly) assumed the metal cylinder was both suspended by the clevis and spins freely inside the clevis instead of being threaded into it, and as the TMS rotated, the attached spinning metal cylinder would transfer the up & down motion to the clevis that way.  But I’m just guessing there…

Sadly, I wish I had better ideas for you.  Just go with whatever the Form 1 guys advise you to do.  And maybe find some leather gloves sitting around to try and manually thread that TMS leadscrew if you want to try and fight that some more.  Good luck with it!  I know it’s frustrating.

Also maybe try adding to the closely related David Freeman thread, he might have had more of the same problem as you?  Worth a shot.

Thanks Bill. waiting to hear from Jory/Formlabs. Going to give the screw another shot today, but they suggested I might have to send this back. That link looks alot like my own. I’ll see how that worked out for david.