Help. Look at my Resin Tank!

Any advice welcome. Has been building (generally) fine, with some recent imperfections in builds using clear resin which has been frustrating, however during the most recent build the right hand side of the tank has somehow got locked in a low position and the resin tank is now angled and I can’t remove or build. I had noticed from a previous build that somehow there was some resin inside the machine but there was no obvious leak from the resin tank and I had not overfilled either.

Dumb question but have you tried unplugging the machine let it sit for a couple minutes and then plug it back in and hit the button? … I have had this happen once and all I had to do to fix it was that so just checking.

Hi Thomas. Yes done that and no change.

@stuart_douglas — you should open up a support ticket with our team. They can take a look. There may be an issue with the peel motor beneath the resin carriage, that controls the up-and-down motion of the tray itself.

You can see the relative parts at #8 in our walkthrough.

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