Resin tank "drops" during peel

I noticed the during the last few seconds of the peel my resin tank seems to drop rather than to keep descending smoothly.
My machine arrived in a damaged box with a cracked orange cover but has been printing relatively well as per formlabs instructions. The above concerns me though and I am wondering if its the cause of the bubbles in some of my prints.


Hmm, there could be issues with the peel motor or the hooks that keep the carriage in alignment. If you’re printing a large part, adhesion to the resin tray itself could create a somewhat “jerky” movement. A video would be helpful, of course, but given that your machine was delivered damaged, this is something that our support team will have to work with you on.

Here is a video I shot last night when I noticed it.

I am hoping this is normal based on a similar thread?
please advice.

It only happens once in the video, but it seems normal. The platform jumps up at the same moment. That looks like the moment when the peel happens. I have been through 3 printers this year and they all do that if the layer has enough surface area.

@JoshK Yes it happens during the peel, but unlike my video, it happens on every peel.
I hope someone from formLabs replies

I hope so too, can you show us a PreForm screenshot of layer 392?

Yes, a screenshot would be useful. I do think that we’re looking at normal behavior, here, with the resin tank detaching somewhat abruptly from the model itself.

my printer also does this, it appears that the part is adhering to the build tray, all parts seem to build just fine. I would be interested to know what damage this is doing to the build tray and motor though?

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if you print a smaller part (say 5mm thick) you will find the resin tank has smooth travel through the complete evolution

I was printing some pretty thick models (small but thick). while experiencing this.
I would just like confirmation from FormLabs that this is normal.

Hey Cesar,

From your video, I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. I’d have to agree with what @Sam_Jacoby said. What you are noticing with the drop appears to be the moment the part separates from the bottom of the resin tank. Once it separates, the tank will settle back against its carrier and complete the peel cycle.

Thank you guys. I feel better.

here is the screenshot of layer 392.
out of curiosity what are you guys able to tell me from this, or why did you want to see it? @JoshK

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That’s just the kind of substantial cross-section that would create the adhesion-release thunk that you’re seeing, Cesar. Rest easy.

Yep, what Sam said, that is a decent surface area and it is opposite the hinge side, so what you are seeing makes perfect sense. Don’t worry, it is working good :smiley:

I see what you guys are saying. Maybe I should place models like this closer to the hinge then in the future.
Thanks for the taking the time look into my “issue” =)

Hello Cesar,
Yes that happen because vacuum effect.
Like said, move the objects near the hinge side to reduce the effect and i suggest to make hollowed the pieces. A 2 mm layer is enough also for big objects. And if you create a hole inside be sure to ctreare at least 2 holes: one in the bottom, faced to the tank silicone layer and one at top, looking at the building metal plate. Then you can easily close and mask holes with the same resin and laser ppen pointer.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, yes you are right. I was doing a large print on Friday with 2 holes and not very thick section and the tank was smooth.