Suction? Dropped Prints?

I have three Form 2’s in a University Makerspace. Several students have reported what they describe as suction that lifts the resin tank up, and a few prints have been pulled off the platform. For us this is a recent phenomena, occurring on multiple machines and prints. It seems to have started when we got the new LT tanks, but not certain of that. Also not sure, but it might happen more with some resins that others. Right now I’m suspicious of Flexible. I don’t always see these things occur and have to rely piecing together incomplete information to debug.

I see several people complaining of similar suction issues, suspecting changes in PreForm raft design. Is there a suggested fix for this? Is it more prevalent with different software versions? Will rolling back help?

I’m also seeing issues with my LT tank and part “stiction” - basically it seems a lot higher than the old silicone based tanks.

This makes a lot of sense to me because the LT tank material while a lot more fragile than silicone, is actually harder and less flexible, so peel forces will naturally be greater, since it deforms less easily under the fast slide and peel stresses.

I’ve just had two parts be ripped off their support bases in the middle of prints (my first in many 100s of prints) - the first one was very lucky since it was overnight and the ripped off part managed to locate itself on top of the wiper and didn’t end up splashing resin everywhere, the second one I caught before it did any damage.

The workaround unfortunately is to use more supports and larger diameter support contact points.

It’s looking like the LT tank makes some significant compromises to achieve its stated longevity… namely: fragility (even a careless fingernail will damage it badly) and increased “stiction”.

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We would really like to investigate this in more detail. Can you please submit a request with this issue so we may investigate? You can do this here

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