Build suction on resin tank

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One of our builds failed and it appears that the large flat surface area of the build was causing a suction effect on the bottom of the resin tank as it was rising from the resin.

Has anyone else experienced this, and are there any solutions if it continues to cause build failures.


Hello Ian!

I suppose rotating your parts if possible is the only solution?

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Potentially, however the part will be used for testing a concept and will experience some torque load, I’ve orientated the part in such a way as to mitigate the part splitting along the grain, any other orientation will increase the risk but still worth a try.

If this is a design flaw on the part of Formlabs I’d hope they’d work a solution into future devices.

Have you seen this?

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It’s sometimes the case that if you have an enclosed cavity facing the resin tank, there will be a suction effect that can cause prints to fail or result in a bit of banding. Orienting parts such that resin can escape when in contact with the tank is one way to fix this issue. One of the more popular methods is to create a drain hole in the cavity that allows resin to escape when printing. This thread is a great reference.

These aren’t FDM prints so the part orientation is less of an issue as long as you post cure.

For FDM prints it’s extremely important to orient properly for strength. With The Formlabs machines it’s not a big deal. A better way to look at it is that there isn’t much “grain” in the material after it’s post cured.

I have been using my Form1+ and Form2 for structural parts for radio control aircraft (call 'em “Drones” if you want). Plenty of crashes and resulting busted parts. I have yet to see a break that shows any indication of a fracture along a seam, like you can expect to see with FDM (I also have one of these printers). Form printer yield failures always result in random “glass like” fractures and fissures with no alignment to the orientation of the part when it was printed. Resin failures have all been very glasslike.

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We’ve also been getting “motor jammed” messages as well which may be related to this suction issue so I’ve logged a ticket just in case.

Good to know about the grain not being an issue strength wise, all the previous 3D printers I’ve used were FDM hence the caution in changing orientation.

FYI everyone, the orientation change has worked and the model built fine, thank for all your help.

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